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Domestic Discipline Misunderstanding

Written By: gracie - Aug• 15•11

I think I have it all wrong… or mostly wrong, anyway.  I’ve been reading a couple of blogs about domestic discipline, and they sound different (and yet similar) to what I thought I understood about it.  I feel like I generally have a good idea of what to expect from the kink community, despite the fact that there’s a huge range within it.  I am on less sure footing with domestic discipline, because I’ve been through a range of reactions since discovering its flourishing community of practitioners. (more…)

Questions For My Readers

Written By: gracie - Aug• 14•11

Today’s entry is inspired by this supremely helpful post by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts.

Since being listed on My Bottom Smarts (yay!), my readership has increased dramatically (yay!), so I thought I’d step out of my usual daily submissions and ask some of you experts out there about my blog.  Please don’t be shy about commenting!  Even if you don’t think you’re an expert, you know what you like and dislike- that makes you an expert in my book. (more…)

The One With Bite Marks

Written By: gracie - Aug• 13•11

Tonight I have a nice long entry to publish to make up for yesterday’s short (and sweet) post. (more…)

Answering Questions With Care

Written By: gracie - Aug• 12•11

“Are you still sore from yesterday’s spanking?” (more…)


Written By: gracie - Aug• 11•11

My bottom is freshly spanked, and I just swallowed my Daddy’s come.  I’ve had a good day- no, a fairly excellent day. (more…)

I Wish

Written By: gracie - Aug• 10•11

It’s early in the morning and I’m almost sleepy enough to have a quick nap before running errands.  I was just watching some porn and thinking about some blogs I read earlier.  They make me feel relieved. Not the porn part; the blog reading part. They made me realize that even though I don’t measure up to certain standards of what it means to submit, nobody has the authority to kick me out of the “People Who Submit, Somehow” club. (more…)


Written By: gracie - Aug• 09•11

Meh.  I hate depression.  It’s something I’ve been battling for most of my life. Turns out that it is a symptom of a larger issue, and one that can be more effectively treated than depression alone.  It’s been less than a year since this came to light, though, so I’m only starting to get my legs under me.  Still, it’s such a relief to be able to make genuine progress. (more…)


Written By: gracie - Aug• 08•11

I mentioned previously that we’re currently looking for a new collar for me.  Yeah, that’s not going so well. (more…)


Written By: gracie - Aug• 08•11

Limits apply to both parties; the Dominant and the submissive.  It was a long time before I realized this and even longer before I believed it.   (more…)


Written By: gracie - Aug• 06•11

I tend to be a bratty submissive.  It suits our relationship, and it amuses my Sir.  We both enjoy a sort of back and forth banter- Verbal foreplay. (more…)