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Written By: gracie - Aug• 14•11

Today’s entry is inspired by this supremely helpful post by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts.

Since being listed on My Bottom Smarts (yay!), my readership has increased dramatically (yay!), so I thought I’d step out of my usual daily submissions and ask some of you experts out there about my blog.  Please don’t be shy about commenting!  Even if you don’t think you’re an expert, you know what you like and dislike- that makes you an expert in my book.

First of all, I know the ads are obnoxious.  They annoy me, and I don’t even have to look at them most of the time. (UPDATE: The ads were so obnoxious because I wasn’t aware I could change how and where they appeared. Fixed it!) 

My Content:

I’m still finding my style and voice, so I’m not going to worry about the overall impact just yet.

Have I piqued your interest in anything specific? Is there an entry you really enjoyed and/or keep returning to?  Do you prefer relationship-specific talk or my personal thoughts on a topic?  Do you find anything in my writing that is outstanding or particularly off-putting?

My Platform:

Other than the ads, is the site easy to navigate and visually interesting?  Does the blogging site matter to you? Would you be more (or less) inclined to follow my blog if it were hosted on a different platform?  Am I missing some important feature or widget?

I love feedback and comments and I promise to value both.  I am incredibly excited to get to know other bloggers and readers alike.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and helping me out!

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  1. lunaKM says:

    I’m glad you found how to move the ads around.

    Many of the WordPress.com themes aren’t available in their theme directory which makes it difficult for WP service providers to use, but I know many many of them are available in the premium themes we’ll be offering. You can preview them in your Dashboard in the Appearance section.

    We are also working on a community page so that everyone can see the public blogs we have here at Kinky Blogging. It’s in the works, that’s for sure.

  2. gracie says:

    I’ve fixed it! Didn’t realize it was the default.

  3. gracie says:

    Hi! I am dying for more themes to experiment with, so I look forward to that very much! WordPress proper (which I used for a private blog for a while) has a lot of free and premium themes that I’ve noticed are not listed here, so it’s lovely to hear you’re getting more. I’d also love to see a community page so I can see more of the blogs that use your platform.

    I only realized I could change how the ads were displayed after reading Bonnie’s comment, which is on me entirely. I like the top and bottom option very well- they are much less obtrusive.

  4. gracie says:


    Thank you so much for your suggestions! You’ve already helped me a great deal- I didn’t realize my comments were moderated! This led me to a discovery about how to make the ads less distracting- I can live with them being at the top and bottom, rather than after every single post.

    I am in the process of implementing a change in the text color, and I will work on the About Me page tomorrow.

    As far as having a cut for my entries, I know you advised against this, but it’s really helpful to see what entries people are reading, since I don’t have a reader base yet. I’m experimenting with the length of the “tease” but, because I’m trying to keep my entries short, I don’t want to leave most of the entry on the main page. I may do away with the cut sooner rather than later, though.

    I’m not worried about the lack of comments, though I do appreciate the reassurance. I’ve seen bloggers get really disappointed with the lack of reader discussion early on and give up, so I know where you’re coming from. I have realistic expectations, I think. In fact, your link has managed to exceed all my expectations already- I hope someday I can pass that favor along to someone else.

    Thank you again for the encouragement! Hugs!


  5. lunaKM says:

    As for the ads, if you go to your Settings–>Advertisements you can change where they show up on your blog so that you can pick a less “obnoxious” place for them, like the location that Bonnie suggests (bottom sidebar). Once we have upgrades enabled you’ll be able to become a supporting member and not have ads at all (as well as access to over 100 more themes). That’s going to happen relatively soon so keep an eye on it.

    I have been reading your blog and following along with its development. I look forward to more from you!

  6. Bonnie says:

    Oh, yes… One more thing. You might consider turning off comment moderation unless you have a problem with unpleasant commenters or spam.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Hi Gracie,

    I really like your blog, both the format and the content. The overall look is distinctive and clean. My suggestions are largely superficial.

    The ads between posts distract from your content. If you decide to keep the ads, perhaps they could appear at the bottom of the right column.

    At first glance, I wondered whether your text was perhaps a bit small. Upon closer examination, the font size is slightly smaller than my blog, but basically OK. The readability issue lies instead with the grey body text. The lower contrast with the white background (as opposed to a darker text color) makes the reader work a little harder. It’s a minor issue, but anything you can do to enhance readability will help grow your readership.

    You “cut” your posts fairly short. By that, I mean the part that appears on the main page is quite brief. There’s a tradeoff between making a lot of content visible to the casual reader (which you do) and providing enough from each post to tempt the reader to click beyond the cut. I take the opposite approach of never cutting posts. This is a stylistic issue and there is no one right answer. I point this out only because it’s a choice that you have.

    I like your daily journal approach and short descriptive titles. The content beneath is interesting, engaging, on topic, and enjoyable to read (at least for me).

    I also like your drop down boxes for archives and categories.

    I know you’re just getting started, but it might be helpful to add some more background information on the About Me page. This will give readers who are just arriving a chance to catch up without necessarily reading the entire blog.

    You’re not seeing many comments yet, but those will come as your readership expands. Speaking of which, you should expect some more guests on Monday… :)

    Anyhow, I think you’re doing a great job with your blog. I hope this endeavor proves to be fulfilling and fun.


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