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A Brief Introduction

Written By: gracie - Jul• 31•11

I am a 31-year-old woman married to a slightly older man. We’ve explored kink together in the past, and found it to be rewarding and fun. After a fairly lengthy hiatus from kink, we’re just now returning to it. This is meant to be a record of the next leg of our journey. I’m hopeful that this blog will be more pivotal in conveying who I am (and who we are) than any introductory post, but I’ll give a brief overview to get things sorted.

I am submissive by nature; I submit to him.  I am not a slave.  He values me, my opinions and my submission.  We believe that our lifestyle suits us, but by no means do we think it is appropriate for every person.  We do not condone any action that is illegal or that brings harm to participants.  We believe that ‘consent’ means ‘informed’ as well as ‘competent’ and not just ‘yes.’  That said, my fantasies run a bit toward darker things. Consensual Non-consent is a theme I play around with fairly frequently, for example.

We often delve into the roles of Daddy/little girl.   We are sickened by the thought that real children are exploited in a sexual manner and would never, EVER suggest that this is okay.  What we do is only between us, and we are consenting adults with no children to overhear our antics.  In short, we have a firm grasp of the difference between fantasy and reality.

I like it rough; he is happy to oblige. I love a hand wrapped in my hair, bite marks, and humiliation. I am shy. I am outspoken. I am bratty. I am obedient.  I am good and bad; light and dark. I submit.

This is who I am.

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