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Written By: gracie - Jan• 08•12

Exciting news, folks: Today we went and put gas in the car. I know, we’re nonstop action, here!

So we went out, and because he does all that stuff for me, I just put on my jacket and didn’t wear a bra. I usually wear one out, even if I never set foot outside the car, but lately I’ve just been too lazy to bother with it. So this time, we pull into the driveway (it’s night and fully dark) and he starts trying to reach under my shirt! I slapped his hands away and generally looked unamused, but he persisted, and since he’s the Dom, he got his way. He teased my nipples and rubbed them- I was trying not to react at all, but then he pinched one until I broke down and squirmed away. He snickered and mocked me for a bit, then we went inside, out of the bitter cold. Man, it’s cold here. I’d love to go visit my in-laws for a month or two!

Sunday is my day off, so nothing really to report on that front. Just wanted to share the joy of getting fondled!

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