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Written By: gracie - Jan• 07•12

Well, the first week hasn’t gone so well for me. I’m sick, and haven’t kept up with my chores at all! Not a promising beginning, eh? It’s so frustrating. With my Sir’s help, though, I will get back on track. I know he’s got my back, and that’s pretty powerful stuff, right there.

One thing in the contract we have states that I’ll be posting a few of my fantasies-of-the-week on my blog. This is basically summing up things that are frequently short-term fantasies, and they don’t always reflect anything that I would like to have happen. My mind goes in odd places sometimes.

So, lately, I’ve been fantasizing about being a Dominatrix. Specifically, an online-type. I’d probably stick to being a keyholder, and I don’t want any sort of in-person meetings taking place, but I’ve been daydreaming about a harem of men worshiping me. Weird, right?

Also, I have a lot of trouble with anal sex, so I’ve been thinking about it a LOT. It’s one of those things that I’m afraid of, but that’s part of the turn-on. The problem is that it really hurts, and Sir isn’t a sadist to that degree. He likes it when I get off on pain, not when it hurts me; that turns him off.

I’ve also been keyed in on how we are changing and evolving, and the added charge I get out of it. Even non-sexual things give me a thrill. I love when he reminds me of one of the new rules, or to call him Sir, or just him ordering for me. Yum! I only got the right to touch myself back yesterday, so the days between that were difficult for me. At one point, I strongly considered flat out disobeying, but am proud to report that I didn’t follow through with that thought.

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