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Written By: gracie - Oct• 18•11

In the various communities I’ve participated in with regards to kink, the issue of supremacy seems to come up with some frequency.  When I was young and stupid, I was curious about male supremacy as a philosophy.  It’s been long enough now that I can no longer believe that arbitrary traits linked to biological function really separate us as much as we’d like to believe they do.

I believe that some people are better than others, but that has to do with the general dickishness exhibited by others. It also has to do with the fact that sometimes people are just so incredibly awesome. So, to me, the idea of gender or sexual or racial supremacy doesn’t allow for the fact that there are dicks from all walks, and there are awesomesauce stars from those very same walks.

We all have the capacity to be supreme. The only thing that truly sets us apart as better or worse than anyone else is related to the work we’re willing to do. Again, this is only in my opinion.

I’ll probably expand on this topic further another time. I’ve got to cut it short, for now.

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