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Moves Like Jagger

Written By: gracie - Sep• 24•11
“I don’t need to try to control you
just look into my eyes and I own you…”

I find inspiration, at times, in music.  I love Maroon 5, and this lyric caught my attention. I can never think of these songs at will, so I thought I would record this here. I remember watching the video for “This Love” and thinking that Adam Levine didn’t look like a typical “Hollywood-sexy” guy.  If he had been less confident, he wouldn’t have been able to pull off some of the songs they write, but dude has some swagger.

Confidence just works for me.  My Sir is confident. If he hadn’t been able to project that when we first met, it would have set a very, very different tone for the entire visit.  Not only that, but I would not have been as comfortable with myself. It’s funny to think of it in those terms, but a lot of what appeals to me about this dynamic is having that swagger, being swept up in that confidence and not doubting it for a second.  He does that.

We had a bit of a playful fight yesterday that ended with him on top of me and his hand on my neck. As passionate and involved as he was during the “fight,” he was cool as a cucumber when he had me by the throat. I love that dichotomy of the full strength emotional guy with the calm, collected, unruffled guy.  It’s just delicious.

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