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32 Years

Written By: gracie - Aug• 03•11

Today was my birthday and I did get soundly spanked. I also got teased. I had requested a few things on my birthday and one of them was that I not be permitted to orgasm.  I wanted my Sir to tease me and so he did.  He made all sorts of lascivious promises of what he would do to me if I came.  I didn’t, though.  I wasn’t sure if I was proud or disappointed in myself, to be honest.  A bit of both, perhaps.

Orgasm denial is sort of counter to his preference.  He likes to see me, hear me and feel me orgasm. Where I would prefer to have one extremely fulfilling orgasm, he likes to force many of them from me, often to the point of discomfort.  This tease on my birthday, then, was a great indulgence.  I also received a bit of pain play, and he is not a natural sadist.  In all, it was a fantastic day.  I feel spoiled, content and safe.

We’ve begun discussing a new collar for me. It’s a new chapter in my submission, and I am excited to start looking for something suitable.  Sorry for the quick entry, but I’m a tad worn out!  I promise to be back to my wordy self again soon.

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