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A Story of Us

Written By: gracie - Sep• 17•11

This entry is going to be unique, in that I’m going to try and talk about the history of my relationship with my Sir by quoting him at significant points in our relationship.

“My pet.”  This phrasing was my Sir’s original term of endearment for me.  This one doesn’t get pulled out very much, and I kind of like that.  It feels special. It’s not meant to be an everyday thing; we’ve evolved from there. It still has sentimental value, though.

“It’ll be like having a boyfriend without having to deal with my flaws and quirks.” When we negotiated our intended relationship, I was uncertain about not being his primary relationship.  This was his attempt at a silver lining.

“I hate redheads.” I quit trying for that perfect shade of red at that point.  It was, by the way, on account of having his heart broken by a redhead.

“When she touched me, I felt like a human being again… I became a person with value.” On beginning to heal after his first marriage fell apart.

“Do you have a hidden camera set up so that you can call at the worst possible times? I’m just curious.” This happened frequently enough that I began to get paranoid about when I called.

“Sorry, I’m babbling.”  To which I always replied, “That’s okay… I like it.”

“I love you.”

“I’ll meet you in your dreams tonight.” When I was feeling the distance, he’d always say this as a reassurance.

“I can’t stop touching your skin.” Said with wonderment in his face, the morning he picked me up at the airport, on our way to his place.  I have always heard the phrase “It was electric,” but never experienced it until then.

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