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Spanking Implements

Written By: gracie - Sep• 16•11

Today my Sir wrote on his blog about the sorts of implements he uses for the purpose of spanking me. He left out my very favorite thing of all: the leather belt. If he uses it lightly to moderately on me, it feels awesome. It can also make me hurt in less pleasurable ways; the ways I fantasize about.

Aside from that, he covered our usual arsenal, and then teased that he has other things in mind for use in the future.  Since he chose not to reveal them, I thought I would offer up some suggestions instead.

1. There’s a package of wooden spoons in the kitchen, and I probably don’t need all of them for cooking purposes.

2. When we were cleaning out the bedroom, my face lit up at one point and I handed my Sir something that he stared at with confusion on his face. He had no idea that my mind was in the gutter at the time. I wonder if he can remember what it was?

3. Loose USB cables. These are scary… so very scary. I’ve seen some of the welts those puppies can leave, and I’m not sure how I’d react to that, but it’s worth trying at least once, amirite?

4. A shoe. I can imagine the look of puzzlement crossing his face as he reads this. It’s an old British standard, commonly known as “slippering” and I want to know what all the fuss is about.

5. One of those studded paddles. I bet those things feel amazing.

He also talks about how I build up walls, and sometimes I complain that he cheats to get past them- In certain conditions, and given enough of a warm-up spanking, I can sail straight into delicious fuzziness and just take the spanking he is dishing out without giving him that physical fighting response.  If he can’t elicit a response out of me with just his bare hand, he’ll resort to things like picking up an implement from beside the bed or digging his nails into the reddest part of my skin.  This can cause my walls to crack and bring me straight up out of that trance-y feeling.  Yes, it’s cheating, and I complain about it, but I wouldn’t want him to stop doing it.

Anyone have suggestions for other implements? I prefer thud to sting, for the record. Sting can be exciting, though.

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