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Written By: gracie - Sep• 12•11

So, yesterday I was feeling very submissive and was allowed to suck my Sir’s cock for quite a while. I loved every moment of being focused entirely on him. It was very fulfilling and intimate.  At one point he sighed rather blissfully and murmured that he did not want me to come; I was to keep my focus on giving.  I eagerly complied without objection- as I’ve mentioned previously, his control is a delicious turn-on, and I quite enjoy being teased.  As things came to a close, he offered me a choice- Orgasm or remain in the mindset of giving.  I chose not to orgasm, and things wrapped up.

Hours later, I shyly approached him in a state of arousal, but was informed that the rules of the day had not changed.  He even shamed me in the most delicious way for my change of heart regarding giving.  I must admit that I began to wheedle and beg in a most unbecoming manner.  He immediately ruled that sort of behavior as not permissible.  On top of that, he insisted that I write a blog entry about how frustrated I am before I am to be granted release today!

My Sir’s adherence to the ruling from yesterday has me quite wound up. Not only that, but I did some porn-watching and -reading to amplify the need, because I can’t just be content with being told ‘no,’ I have to ramp it up some.  It is ramped, ladies and gents. I know he will tease me even more before he allows me to come today, and I hope that I will be allowed to come today- what if he changes his mind? Could I endure? How wanton have I become that the thought of postponing it another day is nearly enough to drive me mad?

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