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Turn-offs revisited

Written By: gracie - Sep• 11•11

Yesterday I listed my turn-ons, and today I’m going to finish up that entry with a list of my 10 biggest turn-offs. This will not be inclusive of my hard limits, so just assume that anything mentioned in my disclaimer on my About Me page is already understood.

No, thanks:

Unpleasant odors- From myself or my partner. I am really self-conscious of scent, for some reason. Also, sometimes a scent can disrupt my mood entirely, and I won’t even know why.  But, yeah, hygiene in general is pretty important.

Not following through- If I find I’m able to manipulate my way into topping from the bottom, I get bored in a hurry.

Bad pain- You know how I always say I’m such a wuss about pain? Even more when it’s unexpected and not part of what we’re doing.  If I stub my toe, get a crick in my neck or my hair gets pulled too sharply, I may (depending on severity) dissolve into a puddle of unsexy tears.

Hair in my mouth- I suck a lot of cock. I hate the feeling of hair in my mouth, and sometimes strands of my hair get wrapped around his cock and end up in my throat, or sometimes it’s his pubic hair.  I’m so paranoid about causing damage of any sort to his wobbly bits that I’m reluctant to shave him there, but I really like using my mouth on him. 

Receiving oral attention- Seriously. I don’t want someone’s face in my genitals. I am mortified the entire time.

Having my feet touched for any reason other than utility- My feet are gross. I hate them. I do not want attention drawn to them.

Certain specific verbal humiliations- My body type primarily, but also hate speech (racial slurs in particular) and comments regarding my intellect have potential to be damaging.

Insincerity- If my partner’s not into it in some way, I’d just as soon do something else.  Words/actions with nothing behind them don’t do anything for me. 

I’m sure there are plenty of other things, but I just cannot come up with them! Besides, it’s more fun to list the things that turn me on!

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