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Turn-ons and -offs

Written By: gracie - Sep• 10•11

I recently stumbled across a discussion about what turns people on and off and thought I’d give the list a shot.  I’m going to attempt to do 10 of each.  My Sir himself is my biggest turn-on, of course, but I’ll try to limit my list to not gushing about how lucky I am.

Yes, please:

Power- Knowing that my partner is powerful is pretty heady stuff. This is an energy thing- it has to do less with posturing and more with something unspoken.

Confidence- If my partner doesn’t believe what he is saying, I won’t believe it either.  His supreme confidence allows me to trust him, and thus follow him down the path of his choosing.

Humiliation- The urge to sob with shame, to be unable to avoid something I’d like to avoid, and being forced to be complicit in my own undoing is just so overwhelmingly powerful that I can’t help but be turned on by it.

Spanking- Especially when it turns him on to do it.  This one seems fairly straightforward.

Threats- This seems particularly out of place, but I think it ties back into power.  The idea that he might push me more than I think I can handle, and knowing that he’ll make good on those threats if he has to, gives me a rush of powerlessness that I love.

Marks- You might have noticed this from past blogs wherein I brag about visible marks.

Neck and Ear kissing- Incredibly sensitive areas for me.

Restrictions- physical or emotional bondage makes me feel safe. This may seem counter-intuitive, but I’ve always loved having clearly defined boundaries.

Cruelty- I love it when my partner derives pleasure from being cruel to me.  This does not necessitate physical cruelty or even excessive cruelty; just knowing that my discomfort is providing a thrill makes me excited.

Genuine Love or Affection- This is where trust is born, from me. After all, if my partner doesn’t know what makes me tick, how will I be put back together again?

I think I may have to express my turn-offs another day. I’ll come back to this topic for sure, though!

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