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Written By: gracie - Sep• 07•11

Rather than explaining how I got in trouble yesterday, I’m going to tell you the highlight of my day, which occurred before the trouble. I was being playful with my Sir and he was keeping a rather firm handle on me, so I knew it wouldn’t be wise to be flippant. Well, I don’t remember what I said, but it resulted in him helpfully suggesting that I occupy my mouth with something other than talking; perhaps I would like a cock to suck. His strong hands moved to clasp my nipples in order to help me think about it, and it hurt.

However, between his comment and that pain, my brain did something horrible to me.  I had the urge to make a smart-ass comment, wondering if my Sir happened to know of a cock that needed sucking.  Just as his fingers closed firmly around my nipples, I had this little mental conversation with myself:

“I think I’ll say, ‘Where could I find such a cock?’ and see what he does.”

“WTF? No, no, no- now is not the time. Just shut the fuck up and do as you’re told!”

About this time, I could feel the words start to come out of my mouth, and the pain kicked in, changing my focus instead to saying: “Ow!”  I was so relieved I hadn’t said it that I got that sort of giddy feeling and started to laugh about how close I’d come to crossing a line.  There’s something strange about my wiring (for so many reasons); sometimes I have the urge to laugh when I’m in pain.  I know how bad it looks and sounds, so I generally make the effort not to have this reaction. Well, this combination of stimuli simply wouldn’t allow any other response.

The more I giggled, the harder he squeezed, and the more I thought about how bad it all must look to him. Meanwhile, he’s looking at me like I’m the most amusing thing in the world, and also as one might look at a mouse, if one were a cat.  I’m gasping for breath, begging him to stop, and he started laughing at me.  This absurdity became a self-perpetuating thing.  I’d start to get myself composed, then hear him chuckle and start all over again.

It couldn’t have lasted too long, but he finally let go and I started to regain some of my dignity.  I started apologizing profusely and explaining how I’d gotten there and we giggled together for a bit.  It was utterly delightful; I can’t even explain.  He just gets me so well.  Some guys might have thought I was trying to provoke a reaction and granted me one.  He, on the other hand, laughed at my sorry predicament and allowed me to explain how the perfect storm had turned me into a giggling mess when he used pain to get my attention. So. Much. Love.

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