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String Theory

Written By: gracie - Sep• 05•11

No, I haven’t suddenly transformed into a quantum physics blog!  Though if I knew enough about quantum physics to have a blog about it, I totally would.  I couldn’t even define string theory without looking it up, I just know that it ties in, somehow. Pun intended.

Okay, enough with the physics puns. Strings are my new form of currency at home.  My Sir talks about it in more detail on his blog, but the gist is that I can earn 3 strings a day, per his instructions.  The important thing is that, once I earn 100 strings, I get to wear his collar again. If I fail to earn the strings, I lose strings instead.  If I go under 100 once I’ve earned them, I lose the collar again.  They’ll eventually be able to be used for other reward-type things, but I wouldn’t dream of using any of them until I’ve reached 175 or so, which is a bit less than 2 months’ time. I plan to have an enormous buffer so that I don’t ever give up my collar again.

Mark your calendars, folks, because I should have the collar back in 34 days.  That’ll be Sunday, October 9th, which is a perfect date, to my mind.  It was right around that date that my situation began to turn around.  Life started to look a little less unbearable, and a little bit brighter.  It seems only fitting that I’d get to wear his collar again at that time.  I love symmetry.  I love celebrations.  That day is going to be even better than I could have hoped.


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