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To Munch or Not to Munch

Written By: gracie - Sep• 02•11

There’s a monthly munch in my local scene tomorrow, and I’m wondering if I should go.  It would be just me, as my Sir’s not really interested, but I don’t know anybody.  I’ve only rediscovered the locals within the past couple of weeks.  I might chicken out, but maybe I’ll surprise myself.

We picked up a questionably useful vacuum, used.  It seems to overheat and shut down randomly- that’s better than letting the engine burn up,  but it’s a little startling.  It’s nice to have one again- the cat hair was getting unbearable. I just hope it lasts for a while longer.

Some real world stress going on, so I have less sexy stuff to report.  Despite some of my anxiety and confidence issues surfacing, though, I will be making a renewed effort for my physical health; namely working out and such. Maybe I’ll put up some pics of my marks in order to document my progress.  Of course, I’m hoping that there won’t be many lasting marks while I’m required to have some public nudity and/or near nudity (swimming, perhaps).  I’m sure we’ll work through it when the issue arises.

I do have a mark that is fading on my shoulder, but this one isn’t just a mark. It’s a bruise, and it was all angry reds and purples, but now it’s fading to greens and yellows.  It hurts when I touch it, unlike the rest. My Sir bit me there hard.  It was delicious, and I show off the bruise to him pretty much constantly.

We’re working on a system that will allow me to earn my right to wear my collar again, which is pretty exciting.  I pretty much feel like my ring serves as a fair reminder of his ownership, but I’ve always appreciated the symbolism and the physicality of the collar.  I have two of them, assuming we can find the one that’s missing.  Given our recent streak of cleaning, I suspect we will. Anyway, one is for public wear, and one is very clearly a kink collar.  Once I have satisfied the requirements to wear them again, I will happily do so.

Now I just have to wrestle with the idea of a munch.

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