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The End is Near

Written By: gracie - Aug• 31•11

The end of the month, that is!  I love August- lots of birthdays and summer events and such.  The heat is a little overwhelming at times, but it hasn’t been bad this year.  It’s been a grand month, overall.  I’ve gotten a lot of really hot spankings and I had a great run of productivity, which I feel confident will repeat itself.  Life is good, and I’m working hard to make sure it gets better.  I’m glad to see September, though.  It feels like August has lingered just a little too long.

This blog has a full month of entries under its belt, and I look forward to filling it up with more.  Daily Submissions has helped me refocus my energy in a submissive mindset, as well as encouraging me to write in an un-self-conscious way.  This has, in turn, improved my communication with my husband.  I feel as though I can be more open here, and I know that expressing my  side of our encounters has helped him to know me even better than he already does.  I’ve also learned that I can write every day, even if it’s not great literature, or life-changing prose.   I am a perfectionist, but the deadline helps me to write in my own, imperfect way.

I appreciate the readers for bearing with me, and hope that I can soon provide more entertaining and stimulating entries.  Sometimes it’s easy for me to disclose intimate details, as casually as I might discuss the weather, but sometimes I cannot put into words my experience, for fear that the hot blush of shame will melt my whole face off.  It seems like such a contradiction, but that’s how it works.  I hope that isn’t too crazy-making.  I fear it’s one trait I’ll never lose.

For now, I’ll settle for being able to keep up with my daily entries.  It works well enough for me.  If it works well for others, all the better!  The new month looks so fresh and exciting to me right now.  September is only hours away, and I hope that it treats us all as well as it can.  I hope that I make good choices and please my Sir;  I hope that, as our communication grows, so will our strengths as people.  I don’t expect it to be perfect, not by a long shot.  September looks so pretty right now, though.  It looks almost welcoming.

Enjoy your last day of August, folks! Autumn is on its way.

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