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Written By: gracie - Aug• 29•11

Today’s spanking was fun.  My Sir left me in a long shirt and nothing else, then he told me to stand behind a chair.  I was made to lean forward with my hands resting on the back of the chair, and told not to take them off of it.  He used the backscratcher again, which seems to be a new favorite (for us both), and when I wriggled out of position too much, he gave me a powerful wallop with his hand.  I enjoyed being spanked standing up, as it was a nice change from the regular spankings.  It wasn’t too hard and didn’t last an excessive amount of time, but it certainly left an impression and it’s still stinging just a bit.

We were bantering back and forth earlier today about whether I deserved a spanking or not, and I told him that discipline must be maintained!  He announced that discipline is more of a whim thing with him, which has made me laugh all evening.  It’s true, but I’ve never heard him refer to it in quite the same terms.  I’ve learned that there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed and what is acceptable to him, more often than not.  I think I should be pretty proud of myself.

Looking forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve!  I’ll be sure and keep you updated with what news I have.

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