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A Brief Note About Today

Written By: gracie - Aug• 27•11

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  My thoughts are with those of you in the path of Irene, or have loved ones who are.  Today marked an early day, but as I tried to write, the cursor just sat there, looking impatient.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say- it’s more that I’m less than energized about writing it, for some reason.  I’m doing away with the cut, for now, so let me know if it bothers you.

Today my Sir pushed my limits with pain and humiliation both.  He also worked over my back until it was a soft pink color and tried to leave bite marks; this time on the front of my shoulder.  I was pretty squirmy, so he didn’t get me that well- it’s a light mark, but a mark nonetheless.  I love him smacking my back- it feels sting-y, but in a great way.  He made me deliciously uncomfortable, then ordered me to touch myself.  Recalling his response yesterday, I asked him, “Or what? Isn’t that what you asked me yesterday?” 

His face turned shades of: I-can’t-believe-you-just-said-that, I’m-going-to-enjoy-this, and I-see-you-want-this-to-escalate-but-remember-you-did-this-not-me.  All this occurred in the space of a split second.  I love that, when he makes me feel foolish and I regret the words even as I’m speaking.  It is fantastic.

I did get a spanking today, while sucking my Sir’s cock.  It felt mostly bearable, but I’m feeling a little sensitive. He likes to dig his nails into my skin after he’s done spanking me.  It makes me crazy at the time, but in a good way.  Never to the point that it starts bleeding, or even abrading.  It mostly just leaves marks on my skin very briefly, and feels sexy/hurty when he does it.   We’ve had good camaraderie throughout these recent encounters.  It is so nice that sex (and intimacy in general) feels fun again! 

Sorry I came in late with this entry, folks.  I am planning to write a proper entry up tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

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