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I felt… prompted

Written By: gracie - Aug• 26•11

Today I was naughty.  Because of my post about fear as well as the last prompt I wrote about, I decided to get my Sir’s attention.  I wanted a good sparring match.  I wanted to surprise him.  I wanted him to grin at my nearly childish delight, and then watch his grin fade into predatory amusement when he realized what I was doing.  Something was in my system; that’s all I can say.  

An hour or so after I sucked my Sir’s cock like a good girl, I crawled into bed with him.  I beckoned him over to me and he indulged, but instead of staying in a snuggle as I usually would, I grabbed his wrists and started kissing his face. He bit my lip and I pulled back.  He joked about how subtle I was being with my wants today, but I shushed him and moved to straddle him.  I leaned back into the feeling of his arousal, then tried to push his wrists beside his head.  

Snorting, he refused to let me overpower him, but when I persisted, he stopped fighting me (rather, he let me go) and looked curious.  ”That’s so cute,” he drawled, indulgently.  ”You want to play at being a domme, is that it?” His words were condescending and cutting- I felt foolish.  I felt like a kid with the tiger by his tail.  ”Well, go on,” he finally said, with no small amount of mocking in his tone.

I wanted to tell him that I didn’t know what to do; that I hadn’t come with any grand plan.  But instead, I bared my teeth as though he were the one holding the tiger’s tail.  I covered his mouth and rocked my hips back and forth, then slid off of him and told him to jerk his cock for me.  When he didn’t, I touched his chest and twisted my hand into the hair there, tugging at it- perhaps a bit more than was necessary.

Before I realized what had happened, my head was bowed and yanked firmly to press my ear next to his mouth.  Carefully controlled rage erupted from his mouth in the form of words: “I am not a painslut like you, bitch.  Do you understand me.”  It wasn’t a question.  Grammatical theory might tell you it was, but it has never heard his voice like that.  I tried to shake him off, but he held me there until I acknowledged my misstep.

I put on a show of bravado after that, but I had no idea what to do with the tiger anymore.  I wanted his reaction. So, when he came back at my repeated demand for him to touch his cock with his sneering, self-satisfied tone; asking me, “Or what?” I simply reached for his face and slapped him successively harder, 5 times.  The first started out a bit weakly, but by the end it made a pretty loud noise, if I do say so myself.  I felt sick at the pit of my stomach, though I tried not to let it show on my face.

He seemed to be mostly ignoring me at that point. I yielded, complaining that he was no fun, and then he proceeded to take delight in making me squirm for overstepping my bounds like that.  However, he actually did take the time to discuss it through with me on a more intellectual level, that just happened after he punished me.  He was in complete control of himself, though admitted to me later that he’d been fighting down a very base, inappropriate urge when I slapped his face.  It had made him angry.

I know I don’t sound like a badass or anything, mostly because I’m not, but he did compliment me on having a more dominant attitude than he expected I would be able to muster.  I felt so electric and confident in a few moments and apparently conveyed that fairly well.  It was a fun little experiment, that’s for sure.  When I didn’t feel goofy and awkward.

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