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Written By: gracie - Aug• 24•11

So, this afternoon, my Sir handed me a post-it note with a cryptic message on it.  I squinted at him, confusion in my eyes.  Was he playing with me? Could it be a test of some kind? Was there a hidden message inside of it?  Should I add “in bed” to the end of the message?  What could the note possibly be trying to accomplish?   Had he gotten a concussion despite the lack of anything remotely resembling a head trauma last night?  I glanced under the bed and saw no discernible pods, so I began to suspect that perhaps my Sir had simply lost his mind.

Haha, just kidding.  He lost his mind ages ago, so I had to rule that out, too.  All this and a thousand other questions flooded my mind in that brief space between when he handed me the note and when he explained its purpose to me explicitly.  The note reads: “Get out of Trouble Free Card.”  I hope you can see now why I was suspicious.  Adding the gratuitous “in bed” to the end of it didn’t really make much sense, though.  The truth is somewhat stranger than my theories.

It means what it says.  If I produce the card at any time, I’m no longer in trouble.   The matter is dropped.   It was given as a reward for all the awesome hard work I did with the overhaul of our bedroom, though I still say he did more than his fair share.

If this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, let me explain:  He makes the decisions.  If he says I’ve been naughty (in a bad way), then that’s what it is.  Arguing my case tends to get me into more trouble.  With this card, it just…. disappears.  This card is practically made of magic, y’all. It looks like an ordinary post-it note, but it is so much more!

In all seriousness, I did have a slight dilemma with it.  I feel like punishment benefits me and our relationship as much as (if not more than) it benefits him.  It makes me feel secure and helps me know that a situation is resolved.  Why would I want something that could throw all that off-kilter?  Why would I risk it?  Was it even worth the risk?

Then I was like, “Pffft, it’s totally worth it. I worked HARD yesterday.  I am still tired!” and promised myself that I would save it up for something worthy of such a token.  I won’t use it on just anything, that’s for sure.  I’ll save it for when I’m grumpy and I disagree with his assessment that I did anything wrong.  I won’t be cheap with it, either.  I won’t use it if I think the punishment is a necessity.  I feel like a little kid who got a bunch of birthday money!  I mean, it is currency, after all.

What would you do with such a thing? Scrapbook it? Throw it away?  Demurely say that you’re not worthy of such a gift? Or just hold onto it forever?

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