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Cleaning Day

Written By: gracie - Aug• 23•11

Today we cleaned our room extensively.  Then, when we had moved EVERYTHING out, the vacuum died. Seriously? Seriously. So now we have a “new” bed, in a new location, and the floor is yucky.  I’m pretty sure I stomped my foot when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to vacuum.  It died a slow, torturous, smelly death, as if to spite me.  I want a Dyson! (A pink one, preferably.)

I’ve started a few new entries about various interesting topics, but because of the fixation on cleaning today, none of them came to fruition.  Oh, and make no mistake, it was not just a fixation, but a need.  Our old mattress was in really bad shape and it’s been making my back hurt significantly.  Today I said, “Not another night!” and here we are. 

My Sir wrote an entry today that I enjoyed reading, but it surprised me.  He used the word Master, instead of Dominant, or Top, or what-have-you.  Master is a word we’ve never used to describe him.  It doesn’t feel organic to me, and he’s never expressed a preference for it, so when I stumbled across it, I was taken aback.  Maybe it’s because the word hearkens to the Master/slave relationship, which is pretty far from what we are; it’s not like I don’t hear others use it on a fairly regular basis in their own relationships. 

It’s funny how he surprises me.  He does it in small ways and large, from the simple choice of the word ‘Master,’ to the attentive and intuitive ways he brings my fantasies into life.   I know I’ve said it before, and I know y’all are probably sick of hearing me gush about him, but he’s just incredible.  The joy and happiness I feel when I kneel at his feet or his arms wrap around me is unparalleled. 

I am bone tired, so I’m going to stop trying to make coherent sense, but I feel pretty proud of what I accomplished today…  Even if our floors still mock me.  And tonight, I’m going to be sleeping on a cloud. I just hope it doesn’t hurt his back too much.  I promise, though, I’ll have a lengthy entry for you guys soon.

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