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Some Domestic Discipline Of My Own!

Written By: gracie - Aug• 15•11

It should be noted that we use the principles of domestic discipline to strengthen our marriage.  Our marriage is a 51/49 power split, most days.  That’s pretty far from the more extreme total power exchange relationships in kink, though we’re heading in a direction where my Sir may have more than just the 51%.

This afternoon he announced that my daily tasks needed to be adjusted. Y’see, one of the things I do is laundry, and one of the newly implemented parts of doing the laundry is that I must *gasp* fold and/or put up the things that had been washed.  I’ve been doing pretty well with it, but the other day, I simply forgot.  

When I confessed to him what had happened, my Sir was understanding and let it go.  But that little load of whites I washed? It’s still sitting in the basket.  Days later.  He knows it’s been weighing on me, and so he adjusted today’s tasks.  It’s a small adjustment.  I think you can probably guess what it is.  If you guessed that I must fold and put up that load of laundry, you are correct! You win no prize, though; sorry about leading you on like that.

It doesn’t seem like much, does it?  Trust me when I say that, for where I’ve been, it’s a pretty significant step for me. But I know it really just seems like I shouldn’t have an issue.  Just go do it! And I will, as soon as I finish up here. And a few other things.

His phrasing, quite simply, was this:

“If you don’t do it before tomorrow, you’ll be punished.”

There was nothing sinister about it.  Very matter-of-fact. A tiny bit of chiding.  I acknowledged, a bit shamefully, that it did need to get done, and then we moved on with our day.

It’s domestic discipline.  It’s there to make sure I stay on the right path.  I feel like a proper wife, all the sudden.

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